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Thoughts In Return?
A Q&A with Glenn Pransky, Rail Trail Expert Glenn serves on Sudbury's Rail Trails Advisory Committee, and is a rail trail expert who has traveled extensively to explore rail trails from coast to coast. 1. Rail trail activity in Sudbury has never been higher in Sudbury. Can you give readers a sense of the…
Sudbury Water District Spending $10 Million to Treat for PFAS
The Sudbury Water District has taken a “proactive approach” dealing with PFAS chemicals, budgeting about $10 million to install carbon filter systems at its Raymond Road and East Street water treatment facilities, Vincent J. Roy, executive director, noted at a public forum on PFAS contamination in Sudbury. Other speakers at the forum discussed pending legislation…
Dude, Where’s My Drive-Through?
This Is Why You Won’t Find Fast Food In Sudbury Sudbury residents have grown accustomed to driving elsewhere for drive-in food. But many wonder why they can’t find anything of the sort in Sudbury. Yet others wonder why there are drive-throughs for some businesses, like banks and pharmacies, but not others like fast-food restaurants. On…
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